Interactivity & shinrin-yoku

The Luminous Forest is interactive at the core of its nature. It gently invites participants to enter and become immersed in, and a part of, the piece.


As participants observe the glowing forest they actively participate in Shinrin-yoku, a Japanese term that means "taking in the forest atmosphere" or "forest bathing", to promote good health.


The Luminous Forest casts a substantial amount of light which makes traveling through dark areas much safer.

And the best effect is created by illuminating the darkest areas. The darker the location the fuller and more impactful the effect becomes.


Safety for human observers, wildlife, and local flora is paramount and has been embedded into every part of the Luminous Forest design.


The laser technology used has purposefully been selected for its safety ratings, inability to impact vision, short diffusion distance that avoids low-flying aircraft, and gentle unobtrusive nature.

Leave No Trace

The Luminous Forest is designed to leave no trace, with everything that is brought-in taken out once more. No garbage/waste is produced by the Luminous Forest setup or operation.


Wherever possible tools and equipment are borrowed or sourced used to minimize the environmental impact of the installation.


The Luminous Forest takes between 2 to 4 hours to setup, depending upon the location.


We also require a venue/site visit before your event date to better understand your vision, determine the best setup for the Luminous Forest, and prepare a comprehensive site plan.


Taking down the Luminous Forest takes one hour.


The magic begins as the sun goes down and the Luminous Forest emerges, becoming increasingly visible as darkness falls.


The effect lasts for up to six (6) hours into the night.


Alternative time frames can be arranged upon request.


Currently two (2) regular 12 Volt power outlets are required to power the Luminous Forest.


For off-grid events batteries can be used to power the installation upon request.


We are exploring renewable solar power options to run the Luminous Forest in 2018, and draw energy from the sun like the trees themselves to light up the night.


The Luminous Forest is easy to transport anywhere!


Contact us to find out how we can bring our magic to your event.

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