Luminous Forest

Experience the magic of nature illuminated


Experience the magic of the Luminous Forest. Walk within an enchanted bio-luminescent grove where the trees gently glow, evoking a childlike sense of joy and wonder in those who explore it.


A unique interactive experience, once immersed you’ll begin to feel the tranquility of the forest and notice the gentle twinkling of lights as the trees move in the wind, becoming ever more tuned into the natural world and the organic rhythm of life.

It is a moment of pause, of wonder, and play within a mystical luminous environment.

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The Artist

Protecting Our Forests

The Luminous Forest raises awareness of the importance of preserving our last remaining old growth forests. Currently the Luminous Forest is working alongside the Coalition of Artists for the Walbran (CAW) to raises awareness and encourage action to preserve the unprotected old

growth within the Kaxi:ks, aka the Walbran

Valley, BC, Canada.

“As a child I had visions of a bio-luminescent forest, and over the span of two decades made many attempts to realize my vision to no avail. I had let go of my dream of a luminous forest for many years until, in October 2015, I was in a head-on car accident on the Malahat and found myself unable to carve, draw, or use my hands for the arts I loved. While my body healed physically I searched for something to fill the creative space in my life, and discovered new laser technology. To my amazement, after twenty years, the Luminous Forest came to life.

Art for me has always been a way to connect with myself and the place I am in. The work I do is not meant to show off the lasers, but rather to highlight and bring out the light and beauty within nature itself.

Just as nature inspired me, I hope my laser light installations inspire others to connect with the natural world.”


         - Joshua Schmidt, a local artist from Victoria, BC, who specializes in laser art.


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Recognized as the Best Surprise and top Tall Tree Moment in 2016!

"We don’t know how it got there, we don’t know how it happened but… we were absolutely FLOORED at the thousands of lights that illuminated the forest... Tree magic at its finest."

Betty & Kora

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